Thursday, 21 June 2012

Berducedo to El Salto - Sunday 29th April - morning

17.5kms. Highest point: Buspol - 1120mts.

Berducedo to Buspol
Having enjoyed the quiet at the Casa Antigua and also a very good breakfast we set off at 9.30. It was dry with some cloud when we started the long climb, on good track, to La Mesa. The low cloud made some interesting views again. The Camino comes onto the road into La Mesa itself, 4.5kms from Berducedo.
We stopped to chat to one of the locals who told us that the private Casa Rectoral has closed permanently. For those who need accomodation there is a very nice little albergue, with contact phone number for the warden.
We continued along a good road up the very steep hill to the wind turbines at the top of Buspol. Round the corner and Grandas de Salime can be seen in the distance, before the Camino turns off along a track behind a farm house and a fascinating little old chapel. The track is 'fenced' with slate slabs and then runs onto the hillside. The first views of the reservoir in the valley give some idea of the distance still to be walked.

The view back to Berducedo

The road passes just below the windfarm on Buspol (1120mts)

First view of the next valley and Grandas de Salime (centre)

Capilla de Santa Marina de Buspol

View from the track down to the reservoir, at 12.00 and again 15 minutes later

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