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Lugo to San Roman de Retorta - Tuesday 8th May - 2

2 - Burgo to San Roman
The camino then follows a track marked by the usual yellow arrows and passes by the old buildings at Bacurín before it comes to an area with very useful granite slabs and a bridge. There was a tree that had fallen across the path and had a way cut through it in 2009. The date is painted on. Terry said it must have been after he had gone past. Then the slabs ended just before a bad muddy patch!!
We passed the 88.88km marker and walked uphill finally reaching the bar and church at San Roman de Retorta. The albergues are 1km further on.
We arrived in the albergue O Candido to a warm welcome, and a pilgrim couple who hogged the fire all evening, so different to the 2 girls earlier. However we found a lovely warm spot in the drying room upstairs by the old wood fired range cooker. We ordered our 3 course meal, as did the 3 wet cyclists who had arrived after us. They also took advantage of the drying room. The hospitalero went off with our washing which he brought back dry, along with the meals just before 20.00. After 23kms+ we were ready for it.

The albergue was the old carpenters workshop with his home above. The main hall and eating area has a new wood stove and then upstairs are the bunks, most of the 'habitaciones' and the old kitchen (with the range) as the wash and drying room. Our double room was downstairs. Fascinating place.

Yellow arrows point down the Camino

The old houses of Bacurín

Granite setts, useful in the wet, pass through the fallen tree with the date 2009 on its trunk

The Camino through the woods, with moss covered stone walls

A Galician hórreo (grain store)

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