Friday, 8 June 2012

Ferreira to Palas de Rei - Thursday 10th May


The 11kms from the Casa da Ponte, at Ferreira, to Palas de Rei is mostly on the road. At last the sun was out again and we were actually walking without fleeces or ponchos. There are some hills on the road and good views across to the windfarm on the Primitivo, part way to Melide. Terry had walked past this in 2009.
At Salaia, 5kms out of Palas de Rei, a local builder signed our credenciales as we ate our mid-morning snack on roadside bench. At Filgueira, near the cruceiro and church, Terry had a chat with one of the local householders.
Then it was on again for the last 2 kms into Palas de Rei and the pension recommended at Casa da Ponte. Menu del dia, washing, siesta and then later in the afternoon we visited the church for our sellos. There were a lot of pigrims around, including a bus load who disappeared off elsewhere leaving it fairly quiet.
We had our light supper sat outside at a café on the hill, where all the chairs had legs blocked to fit so they didn't fall over sideways.

A clapper bridge over the stream near Ferreira

View across to the windfarm on the Primitivo

Bench at Salaia. Everything we have with us is in the rucksacs.

Talking with a friendly householder in Filgueira

The road uphill into Palas de Rei

The cafe on the hill. Look at the chair and table legs!!

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