Saturday, 16 June 2012

Castro to Fonsagrada - Thursday 3rd May

13kms walked Highest point: Alto de Acebo - 1030mts.

The other pilgrims from Castro set off before us. We had a good start, first on a track to Padraira, then on the road through Peñafuente and up to the pass of Alto de Acebo, with a windfarm at the top. A few pilgrims passed us while we were stopped for a snack in a chapel porch, during a shower, and others later when we were walking. The weather was fine again and the views good although clouds were beginning to gather. We went into the bar Casa Acebedo where there were more pilgrims, some of them cyclists, having drinks and food. We had our coffees and left as still more pilgrims arrived, making 16 seen so far today on the Camino (excluding those from the albergue).

Leaving the bar we walked on for 3kms when it started to rain, so we put ponchos on. Within moments it was obvious that we needed our over-trousers too as there was now a strong wind with horizontal rain. We needed to sit down or lean on something to get the trousers on and the Camino is raised here with wooden handrails, but better still was a tunnel under the road which offered shelter and was mostly dry underfoot. As the rain blotted everything out we stood and ate the rest of our bocadillos while more water crept into the dry area. Walking on seemed foolish, given that it was still 10kms to Fonsagrada and we had planned to get a taxi for the last 5kms anyway. Terry had a mobile signal so the taxi was soon organised and we watched the road from under the shelter. The rain eased off enough to move up to the roadside for a short time so the taxi driver could see us and we were soon in Fonsagrada at the Pension Manolo.

Again the heating was on for which we were very grateful. Lunch was followed by a siesta, then the usual washing and finally a look around the town. The worst of the rain had stopped but there were still showers around. By evening other pilgrims were in the pension with us, probably part of the large number who had been in Berducedo on the 1st.

The track near Padraira

The view from the top of the pass at Alto de Acebo

The track after Casa Acebedo with the road in the distance

Track alongside road - ten minutes later it was raining

Sandwich under the road while rain wiped out the view

Old street in Fonsagrada

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