Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Castroverde to Lugo - Sunday 6th May


As it was Sunday breakfast was not until 9.00 so we had arranged to make our own (croissants and tin of peaches) bought yesterday in the nearby supermarket. Coffee was available in the bar, then we set off at 8.40 and it was good walking in spite of all the recent rain.
We passed through many small hamlets/villages including Camino, Souto de Torres, Vilar de Cas, Gondar, Bascuas, Carballido, and Casa de la Viña to the outskirts of Lugo at Castelo. Perhaps the most villages in a day so far and none with a cafe or a shop. We met a number of local people during the day, including a lady waiting outside the church at Souto de Torres, the priest near Vilar de Cas who stopped his car to ask if we were OK; and a lady who took our lunchtime rubbish home with her to save us going back uphill to the bin.
At Vilar de Cas,well signed on the bends, there is drinks machine. We sat in the shed, which houses it, and enjoyed a rest and a snack out of the rain. There is room for 2 on the bench seat. At Gondar there is another machine easily visible at the roadside. Both are very welcome due to the lack of other facilities
We found the Camino well signed and mostly well maintained, especially near Lugo itself where construction works had made it difficult previously. There were still heavy showers as we walked but it was sunny as we came into Lugo where we went to the Hotel Metropol (Calle Miguel Cervantes) - special rate for pilgrims - for 2 nights. Tired, but very happy to have walked so far without problems. We plan to see the museum tomorrow.

The camino, on a track, turns and passes fields with an irrigation system after the village of Camino
and then later is on a side road near Bascuas

A little further on and there was running water in the ditch at the side of the road

View towards Casas de la Viña

Looking down the road to Lugo

The walls of Lugo

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