Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pola de Allande to Berducedo - Saturday 28th April - 1

22.5kms. Highest point: Puerto del Palo - 1140mts

Wearing our fleeces, as it was chilly, and carrying our food for snacks and lunch we set off from Pola just after 8.30. This was going to be a long day, without accomodation until Berducedo and with a steep climb over the pass. We decided to walk on the road for some distance to avoid probable mud in the valley bottom and also the climbing down and up that this route would need. The road climbs more gently, with views of the Camino below, until it reaches the hairpins near the pass. We saw a deer running in the distance and earlier a cow and calf stood at the roadside.
At this point we left the road and took the narrow, often stoney, track uphill to Puerto del Palo itself. In 2009 because of the mist Terry had not seen the view from the top. It is breathtaking with mountains in the distance and the road winding down into the valleys below, with wild horses grazing nearby to add to the scenery. We sat near the top and ate our lunch before beginning the steep descent towards Montefurado. (Terry had to walk the road in 2009 because of the weather.)

The road near the track to the pass, which starts at the bend.

Valley and the track below, which comes up to join the road at the right

The track to the pass

View looking back, the track winds along the hillside and the road (with bend) is below

Two views looking forward from the top. We went straight down and across the road (twice) into the valley (Centre of the left hand photo)

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