Friday, 22 June 2012

Pola de Allande to Berducedo - Saturday 28th April - 2

After lunch, and the clouds were building up as we set off downhill. Later looking back from the old chapel at Montefurado we could see the top of the pass, by the power station and the track we had come down. We were glad to have come over it already as the cloud was beginning to come down on the pass itself.
Now we were going uphill again before a further section downhill. The Camino then passes along a very wet track and followed by a cruelly steep uphill road in to Lago. No coffee either as the bar was closed due to illness. We walked through some lovely pine woods and then rejoined the road, rather than another very muddy track, finally arriving in Berducedo at 16.30. Revived by a café con leche in the first bar we asked for directions to the Casa Antigua where we had booked a room. Having dropped off our rucksacks we had to go back up the slope into the village to the other bar where the kind, elderly lady made us a meal very quickly - soup and rabbit stew (with half a rabbit between us). We wondered if it was their meal for next day as it was already cooked and very tender. Then back to our room for a shower and bed early as we were very tired. The next stage is another long day with more steep hills.

Clouds below us

Looking back at the pass (at the power station) and track below it

Montefurado. The Camino climbs to the left of the field and up through the gap between the hills to the right of the pylon.

The track though the woods

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