Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Arzua to Brea - Sunday 13th May

15.5 kms

Having had breakfast in the Cafe below our pension we set off to walk through Arzua and along the Camino track to Brea. The weather was warm and sunny with a slight breeze, lovely for walking. There were no bars until Casa Calzada about 7kms from Arzua, where we had coffee with empanada. We met up with pilgrims we had seen yesterday including 3 Irish ladies. Some parts of the track were much more crowded today and it was often difficult to set a steady walking pace, although we did enjoy some time chatting with various pilgrims as we walked along.
It was lunchtime when we reached Brea (soup and steaks) so we sat in the courtyard to enjoy our meal. One other group had their meal and then walked on, and a Spanish lady went into the private albergue section here. We were in the pension.
During the day we had seen a couple from Atlanta several times and they arrived in Brea not long after us. It was here that we met an 80 year old Canadian pilgrim staying at the pension for the 6th time. She walks a little and stops often, 2kms one day and an 8km stretch was her longest. She was amazing.
We hung our washing out on the lines, went for a walk around and then watched our host cut into his ham with an axe before using a knife. All in an afternoon's entertainment. Terry helped a pilgrim couple call for accomodation, further along the Camino, and transport to it. Then seven of us had supper together, including Carol and Don from Atlanta and our Canadian octogenarian, another friendly and international meal.
There was a beautiful sunset, the first we had really seen during our time on the Camino this year

The Camino leaving Arzua

Our shadows

The Camino on a side road near Arzua

Ford and bridge near A Calle

Brea, and the sign to the pension

Sunset at Brea

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