Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lugo - Monday 7th May

We found a Post Office and posted the cards which we had carried all the way from Tineo, plus just over 200gms of guide books and leaflets which we have collected along the Way. Then we went for a walk part way round the walls coming down to buy new stick rubbers in the 'corderia' (rope shop) just inside the Porta de San Pedro. The lady there has a lovely sello too, showing the gate and her shop. She also has 'Buffalo cream' to waterproof boots, only in a large size but our mini kit was all used up.
We went next to the Cathedral office for their sello, and the priest on duty was the one who stopped to speak to us yesterday. He remembered our faces and we spent some time talking to him.
Cafe con leche next before we walked to the museum, which we finally found open. (Last year, when we stayed in Lugo on our way home, it was closed) We spent the rest of the morning there, glad to be indoors and also that the cloisters have been glassed over (to protect the exhibits) as it poured with rain for a time. The museum itself is very interesting and needs at least a morning to see the historical sections. (No photography allowed)
In the afternoon we saw a few other pilgrims, one wearing a Rohan poncho like ours, as we walked around sightseeing.

The walkway on the wall top

Statue of the founders of Lugo, in the square near the Cathedral

Cruceiro outside Lugo cathedral. Many churches and villages have similar crosses.

Christ in Glory, over north door of the cathedral

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