Monday, 25 June 2012

Tineo to Campiello - Thursday 26th April

13kms. Highest point: Alto de Piedratecha 820 mts (above sea level).

We had breakfast in the Bar Tineo at 7.45 and started walking at 8.30. There was a cool wind but it was sunny when we set off up the hill out of Tineo.

There are amazing views of mountains in the distance. The track passes through woods and over some ancient paved areas of the old road.

We ate apples at the top of the hill near the windfarm, and croissants later on by the roadside - sitting on the crash barrier. Two French pilgrims passed us here and we met them again in Campiello at lunch time. We arrived in Campiello, at Casa Herminia, at 12.30 to find her preparing lunch for a funeral party. Our lunch was promised for 15.00, but there was café con leche and a generous 'racion' of empanada to keep us going until then. The French pilgrims were going on to Pola de Allande and left while we went to our room, washed our clothes and had an early siesta before lunch. Then we sat in the hostal's conservatory in the sun. There were 3 other pilgrims (Italians) staying in the albergue section so it seems fairly quiet on the Camino at present.

Woodland track above Tineo

View across to the mountains from Navarriego

The ancient paving before Las Canteironas

Height marker at the pass

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