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Lugo to San Roman de Retorta - Tuesday 8th May - 1


1 - Lugo to Burgo
We left Lugo, in the rain, by the Porta de Santiago, past the 101km marker and over the Roman based bridge. As we passed the chapel of San Lázaro the local priest was nearby by and he opened the chapel for us to give us a sello. (So many churches, that are often closed, have been opened just as we are passing.) It was still raining as we left San Lázaro and went up the hill. Two pilgrims caught up with us as we neared the top and we walked together for a short time.
The old Roman road, now the modern road much of the time, is well signed. We stopped at Seoane and sheltered in the church porch (again) for a snack, using bread and our tin of sardines. The rain was blowing in but we found a dry place. Two more pilgrims went past on the road, we caught up with them at the bar in Burgo, signed just off the camino. They were drying themselves by the gas heater and kindly offered to move over for us. However we had had our full wet gear on so we left them the fire, but all sat together chatting over drinks and bocadillos. (They went on to the public albergue at San Roman, we were heading for the private one.)
Leaving the bar and returning to the camino we passed the house with the window made from a single block of granite. The rain had eased off although we still needed our ponchos etc. which had dried off while hung up in the porch at the bar.

The Porta de Santiago - inside the gate

The 101km marker just outside the walls at Lugo

The church of San Juan at Seoane had a good porch with wide stone benches.

Window at Burgo, carved from a single block of granite.

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