Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Oviedo to Tineo - Wednesday 25th April

We caught the 11.00 ALSA bus to Tineo, travelling past places we walked through in 2010. Some of the new road building is completed and the bus travelled on it for a short way after Salas. Salas itself is as it was when we walked under the archway onto the Camino towards Tineo two years ago.
Arriving in Tineo we made our way to the Café Central for a cafe con leche, then on to the Bar/Restaurante Tineo for their menu del dia. The owner also has the Pension Tineo where we stayed previously and had booked in for tonight. Once again it was lovely and warm, with the heating on. (So far we have had heating every night as it is fairly cold). Sellos from the ayuntamiento (town hall).
The forecast is good so we set off tomorrow to Campiello. There is snow visible on the far mountains, but the forecast gives it for over 2000mts so we should not have any as we will go to just over 1000mts in a few days time.

Salas; the bus turns left here, the Camino goes under the arch

Mountain view from Tineo

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