Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Berducedo to El Salto - Sunday 29th April - afternoon

Buspol to El Salto
The descent from Buspol begins comparatively gently, very deceptive. We began the descent just after 12.00, before our lunch break and in the dry. A short shower encouraged us to put our ponchos on and we then stopped for our bocadillos. (Bread and salami bought in the bar/shop the night before).
The rain stopped and we continued down an ever steeper, stonier and more winding track. This also then narrowed off to single file zig-zags on the lower section, then after a short, and welcome rise, turned left down to the road. Still very steep and hard on the knees and backs of legs, with care needed. The descent took us 2½ hours, excluding our lunch break. The views however were fantastic, even if the reservoir was still so far below us.
When we finally reached the dam we decided a night at the Hotel Grandas, 1km further on, at El Salto would be a good idea. The final stretch uphill brought us to the hotel which had a room and also a very late hot (lunchtime) meal at nearly 16.00 just before the kitchen closed. An excellent meal and we only needed a bocadillo for supper. We can recommend a stay here, especially for anyone using hotels/hostals.
That only leaves a short distance, all uphill, into Grandas de Salime itself followed by a rest day and museum visit.

12.28 Beautiful view and still a long way down

14.35 The dam is just visible, with a near vertical drop to the road and derelict construction buildings on the far bank

Fifty minutes later:- 15.24 El Salto and the hotel from the dam

15.32 The reservoir from the dam

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