Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Melide to Arzua - Saturday 12th May

16kms Highest point 400mts

It was cooler again, sunny but with a breeze as we walked the mix of track and road. There were strawberries for sale at the roadside with an 'honesty box' (and sello) but no cafe/bar when we reached Boente, the 50km point. The first open cafe/bar we saw was at Ribadiso, where we stopped for coffees and empanada.
Then it was uphill into Arzua where we had a reservation at Pension Rúa, which also has a private albergue 'Don Quijote'. We ate lunch in a restaurant in town and supper later in the cafe below the pension.
Looking around town we found what could have been an interesting souvenir, a miniature still, just like the ones for making Orujo. We were told it worked. However its weight and cost made it easy to resist the temptation. One unexpected sight in the evening was the herdsman with his 2 cows, walking down the main street of Arzua.

The church of Santa Maria, Melide

Stepping stones across the stream

The church of Santiago, Boente

The hills near Arzua

A red squirrel, with black ears and tail

Cows walking down the street in Arzua

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