Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cádabo to Castroverde - Saturday 5th May

10kms Highest point:- Alto de Baqueriza 830mts
The pension seemed full of pilgrims at breakfast, some of whom were sending their packs on. Most were like ourselves and carrying everything. We had a later start than usual as we were walking only as far as Castroverde and Terry had phoned ahead again last night to ask for a room. During the day we passed the 132.5km mark, half-way between Tineo and Santiago.
Raining! so we set off in full wet weather gear. With mist on the mountain tops there were no distant views, but the track through the woods to Monte Valiña was clearer. Further on at Villabade the church was open so we went in and were given a warm welcome. They let us take a photo of the mediaeval wall painting of St Christopher and gave us a sello. There is also a carving of St James over the baroque altar here. We ate our bread and sardines in the huge porch, then went on, in the rain, to Castroverde and the Pension Cortes. Here we had a good menu del dia and after the usual clothes washing session and siesta were able to take a brief walk round town while the sun was out. More rain in the evening and we had bread, ham and cheese for supper - kindly provided in the pension's bar as we didn't want to go out again. The landlady here basically spoke Gallego with some Spanish and her daughter spoke some English.

Looking back to Cádabo

Low cloud where the Camino and road come together at Alto de Baqueriza

Then the track goes through the woods to Monte Valiña

The wall painting of St Christopher at Villabade

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