Thursday, 7 June 2012

Palas de Rei to Melide - Friday 11th May

15.6kms Highest point - Casanova 480mts

There were more pilgrims at breakfast in our pension's cafe this morning than we had seen in total so far on our whole Camino!! Well we are on the Camino Francés now, which gets very crowded.
There was one couple, about our age, wearing almost the same clothing as ours. The lady and I had identical shirts. We had time to talk before we all set off, they came from Northumberland and we saw them again several times during the day. It was dry again and slightly cloudy, great weather for walking. Much of the Camino today was on tracks, some ancient paving (and some more modern); also some water and mud, with granite blocks through to help the pilgrims keep dry feet. There was a family with 2 young children, carrying their own mini rucksacks, walking along and later picnicking at the track side. As we all took in coffee breaks and snack stops there were several other pilgrims who we also met more than once.

In Melide we stayed in a hotel on the outskirts of town, and were joined later by one of the young couples we had met during the day and several other pilgrims. The use of a coin in the slot washing machine and dryer in the hotel was very useful - all washed, dry and packed before evening. Along the Way we visited various churches, including Leboreiro, as well as the parish church (sello) in Melide and the museum next door. This was the 'new' pilgrims' hospital in 1900, built by a local family.

Terry said the Francés was much quieter today than when he was on it 3 years ago from Melide, we had times when there were no pilgrims in view. (This was true much of the way into Santiago, so it wasn't as bad as I feared.) However at other times there were so many around that it was impossible to get a walking rhythm and any wild-life had hidden away

The Camino on a track through the eucalyptus woods and near San Xulian

The Camino near Casanova

Local lady and cat in the village of Leboreiro

The ancient pilgrims' hospital at Leboreiro with granary

Church doorway Santa Maria de Leboreiro

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